Taste traditional mate during a guided tour of La Boca

degustation de mate

Mate is the symbol of excellence and daily ritual of millions of Argentines. It can be taken alone or enjoyed with friends, family, neighbours and with those who want to share this act, emblem of friendship and companionship in Argentina. Did you know that this infusion of yerba mate also contains vitamins, calcium and phosphorus? It also acts as a stimulant and is a natural diuretic. Rich, healthy and nutritious are three peculiarities that characterize this Argentine custom. While the traditional mate is bitter, there are many other ways to consume this infusion, according to the tastes and traditions of each person. There are those who prefer it sweet, with herbs, coffee beans, artificially sweetened, with added fresh juice and finally with hot milk. Take the opportunity of a guided tour in the typical neighborhood of La Boca to end the day with some rich "mates" to discover all the secrets of this national infusion, the rites and customs of Argentina!

The experience includes a guided tour in La Boca neighborhood plus a mate tasting in a traditional house:
. Guided tour
. Explanation and tasting of traditional mate
. Total duration: 4 hours approximately

TOTAL PRICE PER PERSON: EUR 35.00 / Important: MINIMUM OF 2 PERSONS Travel N Change 123456789 Mate experience in buenos aires 925872 532

Mate experience in buenos aires

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