Where to change your currency?
If you come to Argentina, COME WITH CASH! This is the main advice we can give you.
Actually, the bank charges are very high if you go to an ATM, you may not have commissions fees with your national bank, but the Argentine banks here will take their share.

The second disadvantage if you use ATM is that generally there is a daily limit to extract cash, so if you need more you will have to wait for the next day.

The best way to avoid these inconveniences is to change your cash when you arrive in Argentina. Obviously, I will recommend the services of Travel N Change to do it, we are going where you decide to meet us and we apply the exchange rate of the day.

As the value of Argentinian pesos is really unstable, we recommend you to change your money little by little according to your needs and the exchange rate.

Banks or currency exchange counters are other options to change your money, but the exchange rate is not so advantageous. In addition, if you come with dollars, try to come with 50 ans 100 bank notes, since most exchange points do not accept smaller notes or buy them for less.

If you did not bring cash and you want to avoid the commision fee, Azimo is one of the best options. You have to choose your delivery method. Then, enter the details of the recipient, the amount you wish to send and pay for the transfer with a debit or credit card or bank transfer.

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