1 Week Nightlife in BA
Welcome to Buenos Aires, the city where you go out from Monday to Monday! There is no time to rest, every night of the week is a good one to enjoy and have fun!

#LunesBomba: LA BOMBA DEL TIEMPO a la ciudad cultural KONEX

Sarmiento 3131, Puerta: 19 hs. Show: 20 hs.

All #LunesBomba in the Konex generates a true rhythm, percussion and energy ritual that takes over the environment and invites you to live a unique experience. More than five million people have already enjoyed the phenomenon that revolutionized music in the city and that gives another color on the first day of the week.

Advance tickets: $ 170.

Day of the show: $220.

#Martes de la GRANDE

Santos 4040, Chacarita - 19.30 hs

La Grande has rhythm and flavor to party during the week. The best musicians are improvising live in a hyper warm atmosphere. You will not be able to avoid moving. This Buenos Aires band of rhythmic and improvised music is directed by Santiago Vázquez. Every Tuesday they play in the heart of Chacarita with surprise guests.
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Anticipated ticket $150

Day of the show: $180.

Miercoles: #BEBOP CLUB

MORENO 364, San Telmo - Puerta 20.30 - Show 21.00hs

The place located in Moreno 364 has capacity to receive 120 people who enjoy every day the most important national and international artists of jazz, blues, funk, soul and pop. A unique experience in an ideal environment to enjoy with all the senses combining the best music with the richest drinks and the exquisite dishes of Aldo's cuisine.
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Tickets can be purchased through www.bebopclub.com.ar, personally from Monday to Friday from 3 pm to 8 pm at Moreno 364 or before entering the show at the box office. They do not take reservations.


Jueves: #El Toque CimarrÓn

Perú 571, San Telmo - 22 hs

EL TOQUE CIMARRÓN « ... like a sonorous rum that is drunk by the ears ...» Drink Cuban music, liberate your movment! The 1st Ballroom for Salsa Concerts in the City of Buenos Aires. Every Thursday and Saturday, different orchestras and groups of first level that interpret popular Cuban dance music. The music combines the primary genres such as Son Montuno with the latest expressions of the musical work of the current Cuban Timba that emanates from its essence. Cuba dances in Buenos Aires!

Thursday $ 150

Saturdays $ 160

Viernes: #La Viruta Tango Club

Armenia 1366, Palermo- From 18.30 hs

Dancing tango connects you in an active way with our culture. Listening to the lyrics and music make the rhythm truly reach your heart. You begin to perceive Buenos Aires, with all its magic and nostalgia, its history, its culture and its passions. When you travel you feel the pride of being able to show our dance to the world.
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$ 200 entrance: classes, dance and show.

Need reservation by mail, facebook or telephone (11-2616-1122 Whatsapp)

Sabado: Glorieta de las Barrancas de Belgrano

Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre 1683-1743, Belgrano- 19 a 22 hs

Every Saturday and Sunday night tango is danced in one of the most beautiful spaces of the city, the Glorieta de las Barrancas de Belgrano. Even if you are not an expert in tango dancing, you will love to participate in an outdoor milonga and under the stars, with more than 300 dancers of all ages and all levels, from the most advanced to beginners.
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Domingo: #El Malecón de BA

Costanera Sur, Puerto Madero - Todos los domingos entre 15h y 22h

Every Sunday, Jorge, the founder of Malecón, organizes a outdoor dance floor where hundreds of fans and dancers of salsa and bachata meet. Two large audio systems transmit music without stopping, Jorge is behind the improvised bar and is the official disc-jockey of the party. On the outdoor dance floor, the show and the atmosphere are incredible, on the one hand you can appreciate the tranquility of the ecological reserve of Puerto Madero, on the other the effervescence of the couples who move on the rythm of the Latin songs.
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Sundays all year round from 4pm to 1am.

In summer on Fridays and Saturdays from 9pm to 6am.