Tax Free

What is the minimum purchase amount to obtain the tax refund in Argentina?

The minimum purchase amount is $70 Argentine pesos. In any case, it never hurts to check with participating stores before making any type of purchase.

On what other items can Tax Free be requested?

  • Clothing, footwear, accessories
  • Closed food products
  • Technology
  • Perfumes
  • Toys
  • Jewelry

On which items you can NOT access the VAT refund

  • Gastronomy
  • Transfer services, airlines, etc.
  • Supermarkets, etc.

What to do if the Global Blue Office is closed?

In case the office is closed, the refund will be through the Credit Card so make sure you have all your information complete on the tickets. You will have to place the tickets inside the envelopes that they gave you at the business premises and leave them in the mailbox.

How to send Tax Free tickets by mail from your country?

The other alternative is that you send them when you arrive in your country by postal mail within 21 days of your return. If you use the Global Blue envelope, the postage stamp is paid by the company. If you lost the envelope, you'll need to make one for yourself and pay for postage. Check the address at www.globalblue.com

How much time do you have to do Tax Free in Argentina?

An example: for a purchase made on February 26, you must stamp your customs forms before May 30 (3 months + February). In other words, before 3 months plus the current month from the date of your purchase.

Hotels with Tax Free in Buenos Aires

This opportunity is to take advantage of! If you stay in the hotels that I mention below, you will be able to access the VAT refund in certain hotels in Argentina. This option is valid for those who pay with foreign Credit Cards or make a bank transfer from abroad. Click to see how much you will save on your visit. Not all hotels offer this service, so before making your reservation, check if you can access this benefit

  • American Park Hotel
  • Park Silver Obelisk
  • Regent Hotel

In addition to all our exclusive discounts, you can enjoy the Tax Free refund in affiliated stores. Both promotions are cumulative!

What documentation must be presented

Every time you want to request Tax Free in any business they will request your Passport.

Where to collect the Tax Free refund in Argentina?

The procedure to be able to collect the VAT refund as a tourist must always be done at the last airport, maritime terminal or border crossing where you will leave the country.

Below I show you a list of airports, the ship terminal and the Argentine border crossing where you can carry out this procedure:

  • Buenos AiresEzeiza Ministro Pistarini Airport– Terminal A and Terminal C
  • Buenos Aires Jorge Newbery Airport
  • Bariloche Teniente Luis Candelaria Airport
  • Buquebus Fluvial Terminal
  • Córdoba Pajas Blancas Airport
  • Mendoza Gobernador Francisco Gabrielli Airport
  • Iguazú International Border Crossing Bridge

How to collect it

Before checking in you must go to the Customs Control Office. There you will have to present all your tickets to be stamped by an officer. It may happen that they ask you to show the products, so it is very important to do this step before checking in and dispatching your luggage.

Refund Taxes to Foreign Tourists

Once you have all the tickets sealed, you have checked in and you have made migrations, go to the Global Blue office to be able to present the tickets and they can give you the refund.

Credit Card or Cash?

If you decide to choose the refund to your credit card, you will receive your payment within approximately five business days and without any commission charges. In case you want the cash refund, keep in mind that in some cases they may be affected by commissions.

The maximum cash refund amounts may vary

(between €350 and €500) depending on the airport, river terminal or border crossing. You can consult this information by entering this ? Link

It's just three easy steps:

  1. Complete the Tax Free Form with all your data (in case it has not been completed by the store).
  2. At the point of departure, you must hand over your passport, Tax Free Form, receipt and items purchased at customs for timely verification and official validation.
  3. Request your refund at the Global Blue Reimbursement Office or deposit your completed Tax Free Form in the Global Blue Ballot Box.


  • To be older than 16
  • Not be a resident citizen in Argentina

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